Schedule of Events

Recurring Events

Open Gym Focus Basketball Tournaments OC Premier Basketball
Fresh Start Volleyball Club Fast Action Adult Basketball Leagues Game Time Basketball Camps – Coach Gil Llewellyn
Asian Basketball Association OAC – Ohana Athletic Club Jeff Powell’s Adult Basketball League
Muslim Basketball League Euro Gymnastics Moore Management’s OC Pride Basketball Club
Lara Futsal Branch West Academy Goldenwest Volleyball Club
Setters In Motion – Sheri Sanders Stars SoCal Performance Training

Special Events

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June 2012

2-3 SCVA Tournament
9-10 SCVA Tournament
16-17 SCVA Tournamnet
23-24 SCVA Tournamnet
30 Focus Basketball, Open Gym, and Bank of America Tournaments

July 2012

11-15 Double Pump’s Three Stripes NCAA Viewing Tournament
18-22 Double Pump’s Best of Summer NCAA Viewing Tournamnet
25-29 Double Pump’s Pump and Run NCAA TournamentDouble

August 2012

4-5 Focus Basketball Tournament and Dave Hopla Shooting Clinic
11-12 Focus Basketball Tournament
18 Original Martial Arts Festival
25-26 Queen’s Court Volleyball Tournament

September 2012

8-9 Club Volleyball Tryouts
15-16 Focus Basketball and Chris Paul/Candace Parker Camp
29-30 Foucs Basketball, Impact Basketball, and Jr. Hoops Tournament

October 2012

6-7 Foucs Basketball, Jr. Hoops Tournament
13-14 San Gabriel Valley Basketball Tournament
20-21 Church of Christ (Oct 21) and Focus/Jr. Hoops Basketball Tournaments
27-28 Home School Volleyball (OCt 27) and Open Gym Tournaments

November 2012

3-4 Focus Basketball
17-18 SCVA
24-25 Impact Basketball Tournament