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Schelde North America
"Our goal in putting our 34 court facility together was to find a full service company that could supply us with volleyball, basketball, seating, scoring and other miscellaneous equipment that would make our day to day operations run smoothly and prevent down time. After searching the market we landed on Schelde North America because of the ease of use, durability and expert advice they and their products provide. We change our courts over from basketball to volleyball several times each week and need accurate and easy to set equipment to reduce labor and change-over time. We are thrilled with our choice ten years later and have partnered with Schelde in our expansion and opening an additional facility in Avondale, Arizona. Schelde quality, durability and ease of use is one of the reasons for our success and we always recommend Schelde when we are asked for advice."
Mike Gallups – President
The American Sports Centers
Anaheim, California


American Sports Centers is the largest indoor Sports Complex in the World.Home of the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal Winning USA Men’s National Volleyball Team and Olympic Silver Medal Winning USA Women’s National Volleyball Team.

American Sports Centers 242,000 square foot facility has 34 Indoor Volleyball Courts, 25 Basketball Courts and 9 Indoor Futsal Courts.



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